Asset Management

Alongside real estate development and revitalisation, HD Group’s key areas of expertise also include proactive asset management.

We diligently prepare, manage and supervise each individually tailored property strategy in order to ensure the sustainable development of our property. Our expertise therefore actively informs each and every stage of the process of optimising the value of our real estate; from the development or revitalisation of a project to its promotion in the market and its economic optimisation, right up to the point of sale. We thereby achieve the best possible results.

Identifying potentials for increasing value and ensuring the optimised use of real estate is a constant focus of our work!

Our Services

  • Development and implementation of a property strategy
  • Completion of duties on behalf of property owners and representation of property owners’ interests
  • Management and supervision of property management, facility management and, where necessary, centre management, as well as the management of further service providers
  • Optimisation and reduction of running costs
  • Creation of economic and business plans
  • Vacancy management, space management, as well as letting management
  • Management and completion of sales