Project Development

The HD Group has a long and successful history of developing real estates in the fields of residential, commercial and retail real estate. We collaborate closely with planners, businesses and clients, inspiring their trust and proving our reliability, and achieving the highest standards of quality.

When it comes to residential real estate, we see real estate development as the creation of new living spaces. Alongside apartments for letting and purchase, we also create student flats, holiday apartments, micro apartments and flats designed for older residents.

In addition, we carefully select areas in which we are able to develop commercial real estate, to be used as offices, hotels and nursing homes.


Before pursuing an acquisition, the HD Group makes a thorough and comprehensive assessment of the relevant real estate. We work with experienced specialists to carry out on-site property and site analysis. It is during this early assessment phase, which we also develop concepts for letting, therefore establishing the added value of the real estate in the due diligence process.

The intensive assessment of real estate, and our experts’ focus on potential added value, means that we are able to offer buyers a price which is in line with the market.