Project Management

We are responsible for the preparation, planning, and execution of real estate projects, handling the management and control tasks on behalf of the client.

Leveraging interdisciplinary expertise, our focus is on the quality and efficiency of work processes, which are crucial for achieving project goals.

In addition to traditional project management, we offer various customized consulting services, such as due diligence, audits, transaction advisory, and restructuring of ongoing projects.

Project teams are formed and managed according to specific requirements, ensuring a targeted collaboration of technical, legal, and economic competencies.

According to the respective tasks, project teams are formed and managed, in which both technical and legal as well as economic competencies work together in a targeted manner.

Our services include

  • Consulting on project strategy
  • Developing and monitoring organizational structures and processes
  • Managing project participants and workflows
  • Reporting, decision management, documentation
  • Standardizing contract design on the client side in all areas and phases of the project
  • Defining requirement profiles (project goals, specifications…)
  • Managing/organizing feasibility studies
  • Determining schedule and cost planning
  • Process-related cost and schedule control
  • Managing contractual correspondence with project participants
  • Change and claims management