Investment Management

The Investment Management division is aimed at institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, and family offices.

From the perspective of the HD Group, investment management in our projects encompasses transaction management in the context of acquisitions and sales, the associated financing management, as well as project or construction-related participation management.

At the beginning of a transaction, an analysis and documentation of the respective project development are conducted, followed by support throughout the entire transaction process. This includes market research for acquisitions, the preparation of static and dynamic financial analyses and decision templates based on the respective utilization concept, data room management, as well as negotiation, conclusion, and execution of purchase agreements.

In conjunction with transactions, financing solutions for our real estate investments are structured, negotiated, and implemented, ranging from traditional bank financing to hybrid capital (mezzanine/crowdfunding) to individual equity participation solutions, up to disbursement and repayment.

Since our project developments are represented in legally independent (capital) companies, after acquisition, tracking project and construction-related costs and establishing company accounting based on an ERP system are necessary. In addition, the investment management is responsible for the accompanying, regular reporting to all capital providers and ensures successful contract execution and transparent, comprehensible billing of project development after a successful project sale.